EZ-Mark™ DNA Size Markers

EZ-mark DNA ladders from MacConnell Research offer several advantages over other DNA size markers. EZ Mark DNA Bands are proportional in weight to each other which allows you to estimate the concentration of your DNA and allows easy identification of the lower size bands of the ladder. These stable ladders can be stored at room temperature.

100 ug $58 (EZM 100)

500 ug $235 (EZM 250)

The New Prep-Runner 96™

The Prep-Runner 96 instrument is simple to operate, fast, and very economical. The run time can be shortened to 30 minutes if desired.

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The Original Mini-Prep 96

These bench-top instruments automatically purify plasmid DNA directly from bacterial culture in just over one hour.

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MacBlunt PCR Cloning

Imagine an affordable, fast, highly efficient PCR cloning kit that gives low background. It's not a dream - it is here now!

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