Magnificent Broth™

Magnificent Broth provides really great culture and higher DNA yields.

You can never get enough culture, or too much DNA yield.

That's precisely why we designed Magnificent Broth. The richer the broth, the better the yield, and Magnificent Broth is a highly enriched bacterial growth media specifically designed to maximize DNA yields from recombinant E. coli culture.

Magnificent Broth will typically produce plasmid yields that are 3 to 4 times greater than those of L-Broth and more than double those of other enriched bacterial growth mediums.

Magnificent Broth is both easy to use and extremely cost-efficient. It's available in bulk, or in pre-mixed powder form. Either way it'll save you time and money.

With Magnificent Broth, higher DNA yields combine with convenience to create the finest growth medium. But don't just take our word for it...try it today. You'll get fuller-bodied culture and fatter plasmid DNA yields.

The New Prep-Runner 96™

The Prep-Runner 96 instrument is simple to operate, fast, and very economical. The run time can be shortened to 30 minutes if desired.

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The Original Mini-Prep 96

These bench-top instruments automatically purify plasmid DNA directly from bacterial culture in just over one hour.

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MacBlunt PCR Cloning

Imagine an affordable, fast, highly efficient PCR cloning kit that gives low background. It's not a dream - it is here now!

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