The New Prep-Runner 96

Bacteria are lysed directly in the culture media using enzymes and reagents which break open the bacteria, degrade RNA, and dissolve proteins and bacterial membranes. These reagents are contained in foam pads of the Applicator Comb and Lysis Tablets which are placed into the wells of the disposable sample cassette.

DNA and other solubilized molecules are resolved in separate lanes of agarose gel which has been precast into the cassette. The resolution process is accomplished through a microprocessor-controlled power supply and electrophoresis rig which is automatically filled by the instrument. Plasmid DNA is separated from other lysed I. coli components by its unique mobility in agarose during programmed electrophoresis. During the separation process, plasmid DNA ranging in size from 2-20 kb is electrophoresed until 2 kb supercoiled plasmids run to the end, but not off the separation gel.

Electroelution of the resolved DNA is accomplished by the microchamber block which is slid into place by rotating cams activated by the instrument's computer. The microchamber block contains a high cut-off ultra filtration membrane at one of its openings. During electroelution, DNA continuously collects as a film on the inner vertical surface of the ultra filtration membrane until the draining step occurs when the buffer runs out of the microchamber block.

Purified DNA then loses its attraction to the membrane and falls downward into a 20-25 ul droplet of buffer at the bottom corner of the microchamber block window, where it is easily recovered using a disposable tip pipettor.

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The New Prep-Runner 96™

The Prep-Runner 96 instrument is simple to operate, fast, and very economical. The run time can be shortened to 30 minutes if desired.

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The Original Mini-Prep 96

These bench-top instruments automatically purify plasmid DNA directly from bacterial culture in just over one hour.

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MacBlunt PCR Cloning

Imagine an affordable, fast, highly efficient PCR cloning kit that gives low background. It's not a dream - it is here now!

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"The MacConnell Research Mini-Prep 96 machine is a laboratory workhorse, an indispensable cloning tool. It combines outstanding reliability and unmatched price performance. For fast, clean, reliable plasmid DNA preparation it simply cannot be beat."

"Our experience with the Mini-Prep machine was excellent. Out cost analysis clearly showed it to be very competitive with other plasmid prep method and way ahead in the time and effort department. In using the instrument, we found it well engineered, virtually foolproof and very reliable. "

- Mark C., Schering-Plough Corporation