The New Prep Runner 96

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The comb is a simplified device for lysing bacterial culture. It consists of a thin plastic comb with teeth spaced to fit in the wells of the Mini-Prep 96 or Prep Runner 96 cassette. Reagent Pads attached to the comb's teeth contain lysis buffers which upon contact with bacterial culture will effectively lyse the bacterial cells and release the plasmid DNA, degrade RNA and solubilize protein.

The cassette contains a high purity agarose gel enclosed in a pre-manufactured plastic housing. Bacterial culture is loaded directly into the Sample Wells of the cassette. During a Mini-Prep 96 or Prep Runner 96 run, plasmid DNA migrates through the sample cassette, separating it from degraded RNA, proteins and bacterial chromatin DNA by its unique mobility during programmed electrophoresis.

This block is a plastic sample collection vessel that has an ultrafiltration membrane glued to it . During the final phase of the Mini-Prep 96 or Prep Runner 96 run, DNA is resolved into the microchamber block and collects against the membrane. When the machine drains away the buffer at the end of the run, the DNA collects in the Finished Sample Wells at the bottom of the microchamber block in a small volume of liquid. This sample can be readily removed with any disposable tip laboratory pipettor.

A method of retrieving and concentrating DNA through the process of electrophoresis and a size-specific membrane which traps DNA particles and allows impurities to flow past the membrane.

MR2001 Magnificent Broth
This is a low ionic strength, enriched growth media manufactured by MacConnell Research and recommended for bacterial growth to insure consistent good yields when performing mini-preps.

The part of the Mini-Prep 96 and Prep Runner 96 instruments where the actual electrophoresis and electroelution functions are performed. The disposable sample cassette is housed inside the rig when the machine is in operation.

The New Prep-Runner 96™

The Prep-Runner 96 instrument is simple to operate, fast, and very economical. The run time can be shortened to 30 minutes if desired.

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The Original Mini-Prep 96

These bench-top instruments automatically purify plasmid DNA directly from bacterial culture in just over one hour.

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MacBlunt PCR Cloning

Imagine an affordable, fast, highly efficient PCR cloning kit that gives low background. It's not a dream - it is here now!

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"The Mini-Prep 24/96 is an easy to used machine that provide hands free capabilities to the user, thus maximizing research time when performing numerous plasmid DNA isolations. The machine allow for the use to work on numerous task while still having the opportunity to isolate plasmid DNA from up to 96 samples."
- Jose M., Genomics Shared Service, University of Arizona