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Model # Product Name Price
PR9600 Prep Runner 96 Instrument
includes a starter kit of 8 cassettes and applicator combs.
MP9600 Mini-Prep 96 Instrument
includes a starter kit of 10 cassettes and applicator combs.
ABD-101 Automatic Buffer-Bleach Diluter
Accessory for MP 9600 and MP 2400 which automatically prepares running buffer and bleaches instrument. (optional)
MG384 Mini-Grow 384 $3500
C1202-SB 12 well Short Body Sample Cassettes (2ml)
Ten cassettes with lysis reagents - 120 samples
C2402-SB 24 well Short Body Sample Cassettes (1 ml)
Eight cassettes with lysis reagents - 192 samples
C1500 100X Running Buffer
250 ml. Bottle--makes 25 liters of buffer
MR2001-3 Enhanced Bacterial Growth Media
300 grams
MR2001-10 Enhanced Bacterial Growth Media
1 kilogram
MR2001-20 Enhanced Bacterial Growth Media
2 kilograms
MR2001-RTU Enhanced Bacterial Growth Media:
1 Liter liquid ready to use
FSP-96 Fluorescent Sequencing Desalting Plate:
96 wells
ACT-10 Replacement Applicator Combs & Lysis Tablets
for 10 cassettes
DWB-96 Deep Well Blocks
for a pack of 10
MPT-100 Microporous Tape
for 1 roll
MCB-10 MacBlunt PCR Cloning Kit Please

The New Prep-Runner 96™

The Prep-Runner 96 instrument is simple to operate, fast, and very economical. The run time can be shortened to 30 minutes if desired.

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The Original Mini-Prep 96

These bench-top instruments automatically purify plasmid DNA directly from bacterial culture in just over one hour.

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MacBlunt PCR Cloning

Imagine an affordable, fast, highly efficient PCR cloning kit that gives low background. It's not a dream - it is here now!

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