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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Mini Prep 24 and Mini Prep 48/96?
The MP 24 holds 2 disposable cassettes, performing up to 24 (2 ml) samples in the C1202-SB cassettes, or 48 (1 ml) samples in the C2402-SB cassettes. The MP 96 (formally MP 48) holds 4 disposable cassettes, performing up to 48 (2 ml) samples in the C1202-SB cassette, or 96 (1 ml) samples in the C2402-SB cassettes.

How long does it take to make a run on the Mini Prep 24 or Mini Prep 96?
There are four preset programs on the instrument, as well as a user input program. The preset programs run anywhere from 60-95 minutes, the user program can be adjusted for shorter or longer run times.

What consumables do I need to run the MP 24 or MP 96?
Disposable Cassettes (Catalog # C1202-SB or C2402-SB) Lysis Reagents (included in the purchase of the cassettes) 100x Running Buffer (Catalog # C1500) Bacterial Growth Media, (recommended, Magnificent Broth; Catalog # MR2001)

Can I reuse a cassette if I do not use all 12 lanes?
No, the cassettes are made to be disposable to prevent contamination issues with exposure and reloading

Can I make the 100X Running Buffer?
Sure, just contact us for the formula.

What is Magnificent Broth?
Magnificent Broth is a highly enriched bacterial growth media specifically designed to maximize DNA yields from recombinant E. coli culture. This media was designed at MacConnell Research and optimized for use in the Mini Prep 24 and 48/96 instruments.

What if I want to use a bacterial growth media other than Magnificent Broth?
Although we recommend the use of Magnificent Broth, you may use other growth medias. Circle Grow may be used as is to grow culture and load directly into the sample wells. L-Broth, YT Broth, 2X YT Broth, and Super Broth all may be used when made at a lower salt concentration (0.5 gm / liter of NaCl) or by pelleting the cells. We do not recommend Terrific Broth for use with this instrument.

What is the Automatic Buffer Diluter (ABD 101) and do I need this?
The ABD 101 is an optional accessory for the MP 24 and MP 96. It is a separate instrument that plugs into the Mini Prep Instrument to mix the bleach and buffer concentrations for each run. With the ABD 101 you need only provide water and the instrument does the mixing for you.

Do I need the Fluorescent Sequencing Desalting Plates for sequencing?
No, the DNA purified from the Mini Prep 24 and 48/96 is suitable for automated fluorescent sequencing directly from the instrument. For improved signal strength, you may use Fluorescent Sequencing Desalting Plates (Cat # FS P96).

How do I use the liquid lysis reagents?
The liquid lysis reagents replace the applicator comb and lysis tablets. The same reagents may be used for either the 12 or 24 well cassettes. The liquid lysis has two parts, lysis buffer A and lysis buffer B. For each cassette, thaw one vial of each LBA and LBB. First add 1-2 ml of culture to your cassette wells. Second add 100ul of LBA and mix with the pipette tip. Finally add 20ul of LBB and again mix with the pipette tip. Lysis typically occurs within 15 minutes.

How can I tell that lysis has occurred?
Using a pipettor, to pipette the culture up and down, you will notice an increase in viscosity. This indicates that lysis has occurred.

How much DNA will be collected in a typical run?
Each 1ml of starting culture will typically yield 2-6 micrograms of purified plasmid DNA in ~25ul volume.

What Molecular Biology protocols can the Mini Prep DNA be used for?
[The Mini Prep purified DNA can be used for RNA transcription, restriction digest, ligation, transformation, cell transfection, manual sequencing and fluorescent automated sequencing.

How do I use the new 24 well cassettes?
The 24 well cassettes allow you to perform twice as many samples in the same amount of time as the original 12 well cassettes. These 24 well cassettes hold 1 ml of bacterial culture in each sample well. These cassettes come with the liquid lysis reagents and a loading template to help number your samples as you load them with either a single or 12 channel pipettor. There is no moving microchamber block on the 24 well cassettes, therefore you simply load your culture and place the cassette in the instrument. Please see the manual page or website link for more information on using the 24 well cassettes.

If I have an older model of the MP 24 or 48 can I use the new 24 well cassettes?
Yes! The new 24 well cassettes were designed for use in all new and previous models of the Mini Prep Instruments.

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